Sunday, May 29

A Few New Things {Including 2016 Barn Store Sale Dates}

We have been busy with our newest blessing. 
We are in a season of family & enjoying fleeting moments with our baby boy, who as cliche as it sounds, is growing up way, too, fast.

Garrett Brent Steffl decided to arrive on a beautiful harvest morning, just as the farmer was getting ready to begin the first day of harvesting corn. Thankfully, the farmer had finished the soybean harvest the day prior and that afternoon joked, "You can have the baby now, the beans are out." Only in farm families do we pray to delay birthing a child to fit the harvest schedule. Early the next morning, we went into labor. Our "good-little farmer" was born that same morning as if he knew there were many acres of corn waiting on his daddy. We are certain this little boy waited for dad to get the beans out. 

We haven't told Garrett that most of his birthday parties will probably be in a field, until he can drive. After that, he will most likely be celebrating his birthdays in a tractor. (I wish I were kidding.)

The journey to delivering our little miracle was shared by so many awesomely-helpful friends, family, and church-family. We are thankful and blessed by your presence in our lives. 

Garrett truly helped grow our family's faith in God's timing & His promises!

For baby Garrett, we created a WWI & WWII aviation themed nursery featuring some of the farmers favorite planes. 
We will share soon..
Also, we recently completed our upstairs-family bathroom remodel and this bad blogger hopes to share the details before the end of summer. {In a season of mothering more than blogging ;)}
Below, a photo from this spring of the upstairs bathroom work-in-progress, that is now finished! 
And finally, after prayerfully considering opening the store, 
we have decided to keep sale dates very limited this year. 

We will be OPEN TWICE this year:
Saturday, June 25th and Saturday & September 10th. 
Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

This limited schedule will allow family to be our number one priority. It will also allow for each sale to be full of awesome 
found-altered-repurposed-made {farm}fabulous
one-of-kind treasures for both you and your homes!

See you all the last Saturday of June on the farm!

Monday, June 8

the...Barn Store will be OPENING SOON!

We are so excited to announce that we will be OPENING SOON!

We will open this season with our first Summer Sale July 18th. 
We can't wait to see you all again and share the great items we have 
{Found, Altered, Re-purposed, & Made}
We will be ready for visits by appointment June 26th. the...Barn Store welcomes groups. If you or your group are planning a visit or are unable to make it to our scheduled seasonal dates please call at least a week in advance of your expected visit. 
(Please call: 320-491-3702 to schedule individual or group visits.)
We Just Can't Wait To See You On The Farm!
the Steffls

Sunday, May 10

My Prayer For ALL Women On Mother's Day...

"Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep". 
Mother's Day is a celebration of mothering in all forms. Today, as I view endless photos of mothers and children in Facebook feeds, joyously embracing each other, their babies, their blessings... I celebrate with these family and friends! I pray for the continued gift of mothering in their lives and mine. I see their joy It reminds me of the joyous gifts of mothering I have been given...
I have been truly blessed beyond measure when it comes to mothering. I have given birth to two beautiful daughters. I have gained a son through marriage, who I have raised, as my own for half his life. This past year, I have had the opportunity to add to my mothering through the gift of my foreign exchange student who I too consider my own daughter. I write this post on bedrest with my fifth pregnancy. We rejoice! I have faith and hope that I will in five months hold this baby in my arms! 
As women we mother in many ways... 
Mothering comes in many forms. Maybe you mother a pet, Sunday school students, or nieces and nephews. I have mothered hundreds of students throughout my last fourteen years of teaching. I pray for them today as I see their mothering through social media and photos. 
What we do not see today are the images of those who weep longing for mothering. Today the most important prayers I offer are for the women who are longing for the gift of mothering. I pray for women who are not yet mothers. The women who pray whole heartidly to make it through the day with out tears for the babies they yearn for. My prayers are for those who have lost their gift of mothering through miscarriage(s) and that they will hold a baby in their arms as they hold their angel babies in heaven. To all the women who have had to say goodbye to children they have held in their arms and watched grow... My thoughts, my prayers are with you that you can somehow have peace today, and everyday. 
I weep with you. I weep for my babies in heaven. 
So, today as you rejoice in your gifts of mothering please remember to pray for those who are weeping. Pray that God grant them peace and that they may experience the mothering that their heart desire.
To all Women...blessings of mothering! 
Happy Mother's Day
The Steffls