Monday, May 7

Annie Sloan Painted Furniture for Loe's Baseball Room

This weekend at the farm was quite busy...
We painted Leo's furniture using some of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint we purchased from 
Denim Rose {Read about both HERE}
We also hosted three presenters from Spain, Kenya, and China for Reede Gray Elementary's 
World Culture Day which we will be blogging about tomorrow...
This was how Leo's furniture looked on Saturday morning.
This furniture was an old set that Brent had and we didn't love it... 
...but, we knew we could with a little {alteration}
We decided to paint it Emperor Silk red to coordinate with Leo's Minnesota Twin's baseball themed bedroom. You can read a little more about this HERE.
  We wiped down the furniture with some mineral spirits and then painted it right onto the wood.
We used one layer and really made sure to paint even brush strokes.
We used half of a quart for the headboard, large dresser, mirror, and nightstand.
In my expert opinion the paint covered well, and was quite cost effective considering the coating, no need for sanding and the unique patina the paint has.  We can still see the wood grain of the furniture and it has a very expensive look similar to something you would see in Pottery Barn for $$$ {lots more}
We applied one coat of Annie Sloan clear wax to protect the finish and add a sheen to the pieces.
We love the details of this dresser even more painted!
The opening in the center had a door which we removed so that the dresser would hold...
 An authentic 
gym locker basket which will hold baseballs.
 We Can't wait to share the finished room...
once we get some hardware for the drawers.


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