Sunday, February 26

Splitting Wood

One of Brent's favorite things to do in the winter is splitting wood. We enjoy the outdoors and hard work so, whenever the winter weather allows, we split wood for our wood burning furnace. Repurposing old trees that are dead or unhealthy into free heat for our family and farm is one way we stay thrifty and keep our grove healthy.

In addition to keeping our grove healthy, splitting wood keeps our bodies healthy. As a strength training coach, I have taught many people how to do various olympic lifts such as squats, cleaning, and dead lifts.  Those lifts are fashioned after good ol' farm labor like chopping, lifting, and piling wood. 

The health and heat benefits of wood splitting and burning are just another way to ensure our grove, and bodies stay farm fabulous!

Farm fashion
{comfy & warm.}

Break Time!
Leo was a trooper helping all day.

And when the work was done...
we captured a few shots...
of farm fabulosity!

Stay fabulous friends!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome website! You have put alot of work into it and I am very interested in following it. Great idea! Life is short,and making old things new again, and useful in some other way is a great idea. We all need a little history and purpose in our lives. And making it Fabulous is a perk! Love your big sister Kristine.