Thursday, March 22

5 Ways to...Bring Spring In...{doors} with Decor

5 Ways to...
Bring Spring In...{doors}...
With Decor

#1 Be {GREEN}
Buy a new potted plant...
Or a bulb garden.
It is too cold outside to start planting {out}doors.
Get your {green thumb} ready by adding some...
Life & Spring Indoors...
with potted bulb gardens & plants.

#2 All Things Avian{Birds}
 Add some birds, or eggs, or nests...
Birds are a welcomed Spring symbol especially, here in Minnesota.
To add a touch of spring add a touch of avian.. through textiles, sculptures, or arrangements.

Love the Avian 
Spring Duvet, Place-card Holders, 
& Eggs via Pottery Barn

#3 Add a Spring Pillow, {or 2, or 3}
 Add a few pillows in pastel or bright punches of color.  
Pillows are a textile that easily transform an interior space from season to season. 
Pillows also add as sense of comfort to your Home!
For Spring {"feather your nest"} with pillows!

#4 Bring Outdoor Furniture {Indoors}
For a fun way to "Springify" your space... bring an outdoor piece
Maybe you have a wicker chair...Or a beautiful scrolled, iron planter? 
Give those outdoor pieces center stage {indoors!}

#5 Decorating With {Vintage} Glass Bottles
 Glass bottles are all the rage in decor especially...
Vintage bottles.
 {read Decorating With Found Bottles Here}
We recently posted the above article and can't stop seeing vintage bottles in decor magazines & catalogues from Pottery Barn to House Beautiful. 
Vintage Bottles are a farm fabulous, fun and {if you know the right place to find them} inexpensive way to bring a touch of spring & whimsy to your decor.
{Our Etsy Store will have them soon...}
Visit the link above in the near future for great farm fabulous decor.
{Photos via Megan Denne bottle via the Barn Store}

 Get Inspired by Others
Check out Pinterest & Search for Spring Decor.
Check out a new design blog.
Visit a website like HGTV here.
{Find} something...
{Alter} it.
{RePurpose} objects.
{Make} your world fabulous! 
The Steffls

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