Monday, March 26

{Our Room}... is Just About Done!

{Our Room}... is Just About Done!
The {Master} Bedroom
When we moved to the farm... 
We decided to turn, what was once a formal living room...
Into a Master Bedroom.
We are just about finished.
This is how it looks.
{So far...}
...and used many of their decor items as {INSPIRATION} for our design.  
We are however, on more of a "Hardware Hank" Budget.
Many of our "Restoration" like pieces are {FOUND} from around the farm, 
thrift & antique stores, as well as, the local Target.
This rope machine was part one of the 
{Vintage Tools} 
We purchased with the farm tools from Brent's mom.
This rope machine 
{from Minneapolis, MN}
reminded us of a similar Restoration Hardware Objêts... 
like this book press & gear which retail for over $200.00 each.
We love to {FIND} farm fabulous Objêts   
on the farm  for FREE! 
Check your garages or sheds for items that can be {RePurposed}into great design.

{Why This Works}
Juxtaposition (an unusual or awkward placement of objects) creates a sense of interest.  
In addition to interest, random {found} objects, create a sense of whimsy and contrast to decor... making people want to really {look} at your space.  
Most tools or parts are geometric in shape and these basic shapes work well in design.

{Why We Love OUR Rope Machine}
Our bedroom is full of rectangles and squares.
To "soften" things up a bit, we tried to decorate with circular objects & add organic accents.  
Rocks, plants, and circular objects counter-balance the geometric architectural angles of the relief wall sculpture above the bed, the architecture print by the mirror and the very "rectangular-ness" 
of the bed frame, fireplace brick & wooden floor planks.
In addition to the shape of the rope machine, we love its time worn, rusted patina, which looks lovely against the white, painted, brick backdrop.
Lastly, this rope machine is a Minnesota original, meant for hard work, just like us!
We have 2 custom wardrobes {coming soon} to flank the windows and add much needed storage.
We are also trying to decide on window treatments to add some softness to the room.
And, we are still not certain, we love the wall color???
Enjoy a Few More Shots of {OUR} Just About Done... Master Bedroom.
We can't wait till it is... All Done!
If there ever really is a done in design.

The stop sign reminds us that in this room we stop, relax, and thank God for all our blessings.  The {antique} drawing mannequin is positioned in prayer as it sits and gazes out at our farm.
And, in our room, we have words to remind us... live life fully, & to imagine great things and MAKE THEM REALITY!
God's Blessings,
The Steffls

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