Sunday, March 18

Time To Get Your {farm} Chicks

Time To Get Your 
There is nothing like farm fresh eggs. 
 We love the idea of food that is healthy, homegrown, & free!
{Outside of the cost of laying feed}
Today we will be heading to the local Runnings to buy... 
farm chicks.
In addition to great farm food...
eggs provide the opportunity for decor, art & crafting... 
Especially, this time of year.  
Here are a few ideas to...
 {Eggs as centerpieces}
 {Eggshells as planters or vases}
 {Eggshells as ART {Pysanka}} 
Ukrainian egg decorating using wax-resits and a batik method...
My friend, Carolyn Petefish, shared this method with me & gifted me an egg.

 {Eggs as activities & craft}
Love the ides of the muffin tin for little ones... Link HERE!
 {Eggs as entertainment}
 Let your kids... or yourself draw on this blank canvas.

All made possible by these 
cute, little, {farm} chicks. 
{Find} something...
{Alter} it.
{RePurpose} objects.
{Make} your world fabulous! 
The Steffls

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