Tuesday, May 8

A Festival of Nations at the Farm!

Hosting guests is one of our favorite things to do at the farm.  
From hosting family for holidays {read about Easter HERE} and friends for fun, 
the farm is a place where...
...isn't just a word on the doormat.
So, when the elementary school principal asked for teachers willing to host speakers from around the world for "World Culture Day" you know we {Jamie} volunteered to host four.  
With a big house like ours, why wouldn't we? 
Sunday, when we arrived to pick up our guests, we had three, as one, was unable to attend. 
We were blessed by the experience to host three gentlemen from around the world who helped us gain a more global perspective of life & our farm.  
The experience was truly enlightening & educational for all.
In the picture below {from left to right} are our guests.
Daoyu Liu from China whose native language is Mandarian.  He is a mastered teacher, currently working as an elementary teacher's assistant in The Cities.
 Pablo Vallegonzalez from Madrid, Spain who is an elementary teacher in Spain, but currently a teacher's aid in The Cities.
Lastly, Elis Ngeru from Nairobi, Kenya who would like to work with immigrants and is currently searching for the right career here in the U.S.
We took our guests to see Ramsey Park & the Falls...
Then, to see Jackpot Junction, before returning home for the evening.
When we got to the farm, we showed them around and showed them some of the equipment used on an American Farm...
None of our guests had ever been on a Minnesotan {US} farm...
Many pictures were taken and we eventually, wound up relaxing and sharing a great night of conversation on many topics.
Daoyu shared social networking in China and the differences of being from a country that is communistic. 
Pablo shared his with us images of his families recent purchase and update of a 200 year old home in the country... which will be a retreat from the very metropolitan city of Madrid.
{We think everyone needs a place in the country to retreat to!}
Elias shared the differences of education in the US and Kenya and his love for his home country and how he hopes to return there permanently some day.
Our guests were so excited to see the rest of the farm that we got up early to explore and take pictures. Brent & I each took one with our guests before returning them back to Reede Gray for "World Culture Day".
Brent really enjoyed the whole experience, and was humbled by our guests awe for the amount of land we {HE} farms. An 800 hundred + acre farm, farmed by one man, 
in other countries, is, well, inconceivable.
We have gained a new appreciation for our blessings, this farm, and our country. We have also gained three new foreign friends who we hope to keep in touch with.
Some day when we visit the Great Wall maybe, Daoyo will get some American visitors too?
And when we get to Europe again, Pablo, might have to return the favor...
of a visit to a country home {in Spain}.
Lastly, I am quite certain that Leo will look to travel to Kenya, as he was quite enamored with Elias.
Blessings from the farm to both our new & old friends!
The Steffls

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