Monday, May 14

Morning Necessities...

There are a few things needed every morning by the Steffls...
A hot cup of Coffee or Green Tea is a must for starting the day out right!
We love the {vintage} Nash's Coffee Can we store our coffee in & our collection of Longaberger baskets that seem to hold and organize everything around the farm.
How do you start out your day?
Blessings for a great day,
The Steffls


Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Love a good cup of coffee every morning- for sure a necessity!

Jamie Steffl said...

Coffee is what starts my day out right. My art students usually can tell if I miss my morning coffee...It is the source for my creative energy in the classroom and at the farm. Enjoy a cup creative lady and thanks for posting. You inspire. Thanks for posting,