Wednesday, June 20

The Deal of The Day & a DIY

I have been scouring all shops & big box stores to find the right {affordable} lighting for the Store. Recently, at a local thrift store, I found this lantern fixture and fell in love.
We only paid $2.00 for this great Light!

 The light fixture I {found} has the lines of a traditional classic foyer lantern similar to the two below that cost 
$$$ hundreds more.
 This entry lantern from the Pottery Barn creates such a focal point. It was the feel we wanted for our foyer but we couldn't find one like it {in our price range} when we completed the foyer.
Below is another lantern that is a bit longer than ours, but has a very similar shape and feel.

This light from Capitol Lighting sells for $479.00.  We love the mix of organic & geometric lines.
 See how similar ours below is to the one above! 
1. When spray painting anything we suggest hanging it so you can see all angles... Remove all parts that you don't want painted.
 2. To spray paint a light fixture or metal we suggest an all purpose spray paint like Rustoleoum.
I don't get to worried about the details when I am spray painting 
3. Use short sprays and build up layers using even coats.
 You don't want drips of paint on your surface.  If this happens sand it off and spray over it again.  Paint is forgiving and you are the only person who will ever look this close at the light fixture again.
4. Leave it alone for at least 3 hours to dry.  
Check for areas that need another coat, sand down any imperfections and repeat step 4 as necessary.
Enjoy your {New To You} light!
Now where will this lovely go??? 
In the...Barn Store or in the foyer...hmmmm?

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