Friday, June 8

Live Simple & {CREATE}

We don't own the keys to happiness...
{But we do have a few antique skeleton keys from Jamie's Dad's collection 
that make us quite happy.}
There is no money tree that grows in our back yard...
{But we do have gardens full of flowers, vegetables and fruit, that save us money, provide work and nourishment for our bodies & creative inspiration for our minds.}
We struggle to get everything done on the farm, in the fields, at the art room, and with the...Barn Store
{But this family works hard each day to help each other reach their goals.}.
And still, we are happy.
We are happy because we know we are living life simply.  
We are {CREATING} so much of our food, decor, home, & careers together. 
There are many people in this world on a similar journey.
Living life happily, simply, creating, and sharing it with all of you.
These people do not profess to have all of the answers, but they are asking many of  the questions we all do and they are sharing "their" answers for our benefit.
Last week, I was excited to find that another blogger had added farm fabulosity to a post about a community of bloggers for simple living.  
You can read the post {HERE} 
The Blog Live In Art, written by Nicole {read about her here} 
shares insight into living simply and creatively with the intent to 
us to do the same. 
Nicole's artwork includes mosaics, painted furniture, river rock jewelry, and art with natural and recycled elements. 
She believes that art should be integrated into people’s every day lives.
Nicole encourages others to think about how they can transform their living & work spaces to include art. You can check out her art and items for sale in her Etsy Shop {Here}
 Below is the link to her list of Simple Living Blogs.  Check them out to learn, live,  & grow.


apartments for rent in peachtree city ga said...

I absolutely agree. Your story reminds me of my folks in New Jersey.

Jamie Steffl said...

Your folks sound like great people. I bet they taught you many valuable life skills. Blessings of simple happiness to you.