Sunday, April 14

No Winter Lasts Forever...

The calendar has passed the "official" first day of Spring.

Here are a few FREE printable calendars via the blogs below. Just click on the image to go to the websites or blog to downlaod & print for {FREE}.  Find a great frame at the...Barn Store's Spring opening or at a thrift store and your have functional art for your home.  
2013 Calendar from Love vs. Design from Today's Creative Blog
via Call Me Victorian Blog
Spring planting is on the farmer's mind.  In an average year most farmers would be preparing for spring planting. This time last year our focus on the farm looked like the picture to the right & you can read about that {here}.  
The artist has been working on {finding & making} many beautiful items for the...Barn Store's  
Fortunately & Unfortunately... 
There is a blanket of snow and ice covering our farm.
This snow brings much needed moisture to our region, but also delays spring planting preparations and makes for "chilly" decor & design. So, as we wait for the real first days of spring to plant, we remind ourselves of the verse below...
You can find many beautiful spring decor items like the ones pictured above at the...Barn Store's opening April 27th & 28th.
Hopefully Spring will be taking its turn!

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Cassandra Kranz said...

Seems like Spring has finally Sprung. Love the quote on the board!