Wednesday, March 7

A New Barn Door...For the House {Not the Barn}

 A New Barn Door...
For the House {Not the Barn}
I have ALWAYS...
wanted a barn.
Even more than a barn...
I have wanted to put a barn door...
 Thank you Brent Steffl for both!
{Our Inspiration & Ideas} 
via Apartment Therapy
{The Hardware}
 The hardware on the above door was exactly what we wanted.
Cast iron, dark, built to last forever.  This was a splurge.  
The whole door was a splurge, but a great design element where...
 {FORM follows Function}
{The Wood & Stain}
We chose the same wood as our closet & entry doors
{Knotty Alderwood}  
 Why We LOVE Knotty Alderwood
It is durable...
It looks simple & lived in...
Knotty Alderwood is full of knot holes that lend an aged feel. 
The Stain was a mixture of colors...
 Made to match the dinning rooms original hardwood flooring installed by Brent's dad...
 That will eventually cover...
The entire main floor & kitchen.
via The Carriage Door Company
{The Style}
When Brent's Dad built doors he used a Z pattern.  
To pay homage to the way the Steffl's built their barn doors, we had to use a Z. Ours will not have glass because it will be for a bedroom & privacy would be an issue, but the glass is a great touch and would allow nice light flow.
This is a new touch...
On an old theme.
{To remind us of who built this home}
 Drum roll please...
{Partially open}
 {View to the hallway}
 {View from the stairs}
  We love the {CONTRAST} of...
painted brick, cast iron, and rustic Alderwood. 
{View from the bedroom}
Apartment Therapy shares the many purposes for choosing the sliding interior barn door:
  • No door swing - sliding doors save space because they don’t need the 5-10 square feet of floor area where the doors swings from open to close.
  • Space dividers - large sliding doors can actually act as room dividers, transforming the function or feel of a room in one easy step.
  • Art piece - as seen in this collection, sliding doors often act as functional art.
  • Opportunities for affordable and creative reuse - old doors or lumber can be reused in a new way, saving resources and money!
  • Not just for doorways - sliding doors are also great solutions for pantries, shelving units and media centers!
 And here's a final barn door from Apartment Therapy...
{Find} something...
{Alter} it...
{RePurpose} items...
{Make} OUR world better! 
The Steflls


Megan Christine said...

Looks incredible!! Totally smitten. Where do you find your hardware to make the barn door?

Jamie Steffl said...

Our hardware came from We chose the spoke flat track system. Love it. Thanks for being my very first comment.