Sunday, March 4

The Perfect Tags

{The Perfect Tags}
Tags are the messenger... 
for gifts...
Tags inform.
They help us understand & influence what we buy.
More importantly they speak the creator's words... with out the creator being present.
What did we want our tags to say???
{Take a LOOK} 

Saturday was spent designing the perfect labels & tags for items we will sell at our store & online.
{If you intend good things...good things will come!}
Why We Love OURS
They are simple...
They use the favicon & basic elemental logo from our site and the full logo above.
The logo represent the two f's in farm fabulosity...
& the two f's in Steffl!
{Our Favicon & Simple Logo}
{Abstractly the f's represent the blades of a windmill}
A few great farm fabulous tags & tag ideas...
 just in case you need to send a messenger of your own....via Pinterest. 
{tags for organization}
{tags to sell a product} 
{tags for parties}
 {tags for wedding place cards/directions}
{tags for photo ornaments or decor}
{tags for MOM}
 Tag something ...
for someone you love...
 or for fun decor in your home.
Have a fabulous Sunday!
The Steffls

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