Saturday, March 10

A Single Thought For Saturday...

A Single Thought... 
for Saturday

Jamie created this poster that hangs on her art classroom door.
We intend to put one in our home near the entry.
{The Purpose}
We bring our energy into every space we enter, our home, our jobs, our classrooms, etc...
What energy do these spaces have?  Do you feel comforted when you walk in your door?  Does your bedroom beckon you to rest, to love? If it does not, it may be a reflection of your energy. 
Inversely, if you change the energy of YOUR space it will have a positive effect on YOU & every other space you enter! 
Find a room in your home or work that isn't feeling how you intend & change its energy.
Maybe it is an office {like ours} that needs a bit of tidying up or filing...take the time to do that small task & change the rooms energy, helping you to feel a little sense of accomplishment. 
Bring out a spring picture... 
{It is right around the corner}
or buy some flowers, or a plant to brighten & enliven your room's energy.
Be responsible for the energy you bring into any space especially, your home. 
Make sure your home's space is providing you with the energy you need...
to be happy, successful & at peace!
{Find} something...
{Alter} it.
{RePurpose} objects.
{Make} your world fabulous! 
The Steffls

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