Monday, March 12

Our Barn

 Here is {OUR} barn... Future home of 
the...Barn Store.
Before it can be all that we intend...
The barn on our farm site will need some major TLC.  
We love the white color & have decided it will stay white.
We intend to tin the roof black when it is needed.
Currently, the cedar shakes keep the barn dry and do their job.
We think they are quaint so, We will let them serve their purpose, as long as possible.
All windows that are broken & boarded will be replaced and repaired.
All entries will get new doors.
The first door on the right side will be the entrance...& will be landscaped & lovely. 
 What will be...The {ENTRY}
The {former} Cattle LOT
 We hope to use this side of the barn to set up as an outdoor entertaining area.
We intend to create raised planter boxes out of the feed bunks below...
{We can see it...& we love it!}
 Their is a {PATINA} to the entire barn...
that we feel lends some CHARM!

We have our work cut out for us!
This family...
Will bring this old barn...
Back to her farm fabulous beginnings!
 The Steffls

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