Wednesday, March 14

Today Was Really Fun!

Today Was  
The Old Silo on Our Farm
The weather in Minnesota has been seasonably warm.  
With this warm weather {Spring Fever} has definitely hit the Steffl Farm.
Brent & my dad cleaned and organized the shop & grated the driveway. 
Leo & Hannah worked tirelessly, building a fort...
which is currently in an undisclosed location...
& decorated with random items... 
from ceramic chickens... 
to old tires.
We picked up and burnt the brush from the grove, perennials, garden, and back yard.  
We all worked hard & the farm is looking great!
Love the lines of the ladder.
At bath time, Hannah {the youngest} said, "Today was really fun!"
...& it {REALLY} was!
We are hosting Easter...
for our families.
We can't wait to cook, decorate & share our 
gathering with you.   
Image via IKEA
{Find} something...
{Alter} it.
{RePurpose} objects.
{Make} your world fabulous! 
The Steffls

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