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Beautifully {RePurposeable} Vintage, Farm Tools

Beautifully {RePurposeable} Vintage, Farm Tools
We love to {RePurpose} anything that has to do with farming, that can be decorative. 
One of our favorite items, that fits this niche, has become vintage grain scoops.
The grain scoop is traditionally used to scoop grain from storage to feed livestock.
Over time, and with use, vintage scoops develop the loveliest, decorative, patina. 
We found our first one, cleaning up the farm.
 Since then, we have begun, collecting these...
Farm Tools
Take a look at how we have {RePurposed} Ours.
As a beautiful candle centerpiece for our kitchen table. 
 {Why This Works}
A home's decor should reflect the style of the people who live in it.  
This grain scoop is both rustic, and refined, much like the two people creating this home together.
The grain scoop creates a sense of juxtaposition {unique or unusual placement of an object} which creates a {focal point} in design.
{Why We Love It}
We love how the patina matches our clock.
We also like the livable simplicity this centerpiece provides our kitchen's decor.

As an unusual vase/pot for our dining room table. 
{Why We Love It}
This grain scoop has a beautiful wooden handle and galvanized body.
We love the {contrast} of materials used in this scoop and how it holds the plant so perfectly.
You can find these scoops new at any farm supply store for under $10.00.  
Vintage scoops are a little more difficult to come by, but can usually be found for around $15.00 to $20.00, depending on the quality.  Vintage {Grain Scoops} are a farm fabulous way to create
fun decor in your home.
Grain scoops as decor, kid tested 
& Steffl Approved!
Blessings, The Steffls

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