Sunday, April 1

Put A Cork In It...{Or On IT}

 Put A Cork {In It}...or On It
Corks are an easy collection to start, on your own, or with a partner.  
They are a  great way to commemorate the celebrations of special days & ordinary ways.
 Brent & I started our collection with one of our first bottles of wine together...
And the collection continues to grow.
We write the date or the event on the cork and place it a glass wine pitcher...
as decor in our living room.
 One of our favorite wines is made from grapes grown at a vineyard right next door. 
Fieldstone Vineyards is a local wine company that started out...
 in a farm fabulous barn {barn envy} located at the farm site right next door.
Recently, Fieldstone Vineyards, moved to downtown Redwood Falls, MN.
For more information on this farm fabulous wine visit
We love the Wine-ing Farmer's Wife, a Semi-Sweet White that tastes great with just about anything. 
The atmosphere at the Fieldstone Vineyards' storefront in downtown Redwood Falls is quaint and worth a visit.
 There are two neighboring restaurants that supply a light menu if you are so inclined.  
One of the two, we highly recommend, and have added to our inspiration page because we really, enjoy their food. {especially the bread!} 
If you are ever in the vicinity of Redwood Falls, MN this is great place to stop, relax, and add to your collection of corks...or begin one.
We prefer Wine-ing Farmer's Wife at home on the farm where she belongs.
Corks For {DECOR}
Cork collections have become popular in decor, and we thought we would share some ideas that we are tossing around, as our collection continues to grow...
Via Pinterest
For Jamie...or Maybe an "S" for Steffl?

 For coasters?
  For placecard holders?
We own this urn...We might be very busy if we decide to {MAKE} this.
Enjoy a glass of wine with someone you love.
Celebrate {TOGETHER}
Keep the cork for your "new" {MAKE} into decor with meaning. 
The Steffls


Stephanie Wilde said...

Love the Letter shaped pieces! I haven't seen those before. A great wedding gift for wine lovers would be a monogram of them!

Jamie Steffl said...

Thanks for the comment. Wouldn't a monogram be great tucked in with a bottle of wine? I'll have to make some for my shop. Blessings sent to SoDak.