Wednesday, April 4

The {FOCUS} of Spring...on the Farm

The {FOCUS} of Spring...
on the Farm 
Today, at the farm,
{After School} 
Jamie, was working with our camera.
She started out photographing this garden sculpture's great patina...
...which turned into this shot.
That clearly shows...
...the {FOCUS} of our attention.
Spring {Planting} Preparation
  This is a farm blog too.
So every once in a while...
We will share what truly puts the {FARM} into faubulosity.
 This is a field cultivator, which works up the ground, and prepares it for planting. 
It is all ready to go...When we decide to plant.
 This is our 4-wheel drive, John Deere, 8960, with 400 "horsies" under the hood.
{Today, Brent & I are literally, writing this together [note the use of "horsies" above]}
All the "horsies" pull our 45', John Deere, 960, field cultivator, which can work up 35 acres of Minnesota, black-gold, per hour. Love the close up the cultivator's shovel & patina, 
which Brent says, "needs to be replaced".
The leaves are on the trees, and soon, the equipment will be in the field.
These "guys" will have to wait till fall...for their close ups.
  We wish everyone a safe, 
productive, and successful farming year.

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