Thursday, April 5

I'm A Foodie Pen Pal

I'm A {Foodie} Pen Pal
You may be asking yourself...
"Just what is a {foodie} Pen Pal?"
Well, it is an awesome program,started by Lindsey aka..."The Lean Green Bean".
Lindsey is a dietitian student & blogger, as well as, a source for food inspiration.
Lindsey had an idea for {foodies}to connect by sending a box full of "yummy" items to a new "Pal".
You can read more Lindsey & The FoodiePen Pals program using the links below.
Connect with Lindsey via twitter @leangrnbeanblog  
I am so excited to connect with my foodie pen pal & share my love of all things yummy. 
I will share with you what I send from the farm...
 to my new pen pal, as well as, what I receive on the 30th of April.
I can't wait to share a new blog, {foodie} gift box,
& connection to a fellow blogger later this month...
 Easter will be here soon...
We are getting ready!

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