Monday, April 30

Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day!

On a trip through blog land, a few months ago, I stumbled upon a blog that featured a post on Foodie Pen Pals.  I read the post and became quite intrigued.  You may be asking yourself just what the heck is a foodie pen pal, as I did initially too. You may remember our post when we found out who our Foodie Pal would be... 
So ...
In Foodie Pen Pal Style, we are blogging about our first experience sharing yummy treats & receiving them. 
On April 19th I arrived home to find this...
It was a package of foodie goodness sent from  
Sara Peek, of Run Around Sara
You can follow Sara on twitter @runaroundsara
In her blog, Sarah, another teacher, & athlete shares her journey toward fitness and becoming fit.  She is honest, motivated and shares it like it is, adding humor to juggling training for endurance sports & balancing a career and real life.
She is motivation for everyone and her message is simple...
 It doesn't matter how fast you go you are still lapping everyone on the couch. 
Now for the {fabulous foodie package} sent to the farm from Sarah...
{Foodie Goodness We Received}
Trader Joe's Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil which all the Steffl/Clennon's enjoyed.  The popcorn had a great light texture and a light salty flavor...We like how healthy this tasted.
Effie's Oatcakes which were eff-ing amazing.  They were buttery, and nutty in flavor.  
Brent & I ate these quickly, and we didn't share.
Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snaps which Sara said she tried once and always has in the house and if we had a Trader Joe's nearby we would too.  They are buttery, gingery goodness.
The Green Apple Soft Liquorice, was a hit with the kids and I enjoyed a few pieces as well.
Crystal Light Pure these are fabulous and a great beverage reviewed by Sara in a blog post which you can read here:
3 Oatmeal Packets that we can't wait to try as Sara said these were the reason she became a Foodie Pen Pal!
Concord Teacakes which were so buttery, and great that I only shared one and enjoyed the rest with coffee {as Sara recommended}
Oregon Chai Tea which we also have yet to enjoy!
A super cute little Tupperware container, as Sara sells this here:
And the coup de gras of candy bars a Whole Foods Milk Chocolate Toffee & Sea Salt Bar
that Brent said was the best candy bar he ever had!
We love our Big Green Tractor in the background!
{Foodie Goodness We Sent}
You can read our recipients Post HERE:
 Our Package was Sent to a blogger, Carrie Sin, a woman who has found fitness and is now making a career out of it, as she pursues education towards becoming a Registered Dietitian.  
She blogs about fitness, and food and ways to balance both along with a family at
We appreciate the title of her blog and its message, as we can relate to the struggle of balancing all three {in addition to the farm and fabulosity}. Carrie's blog is helpful for recipes, dieting, and lifestyle changes needed to become and maintian a fit & healthy life.  Check out this motivating woman who has embraced fitness and works to inspire others to do the same!
More about {Foodie Pen Pals}
Thanks To Linsdey for this awsome program!
Foodie Pen Pals is was started by Lindsey, aka..."The Lean Green Bean".
Lindsey is a dietitian student & blogger, as well as, a source for food inspiration.
Lindsey had an idea for {foodies}to connect by sending a box full of "yummy" items to a new "Pal".
You can read more Lindsey & The FoodiePen Pals program using the links below:
or become part of this program or connect with Lindsey via twitter @leangrnbeanblog

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Carrie FamilyFitnessFood said...

Wow, thank you for those amazingly sweet words about me and my blog. Seriously, you made my day.

Thank you again for the goodies. I would live the cookie recipe when you can.

Your goodies look so awesome, too!