Friday, May 4

Wishing You A Cup Full Of Happiness...

As another year passes {my birthday was yesterday}, I'd like to be able to tell you all I am getting this all figured out.  I'd like to say that the house is finally organized, but it is till a work in progress {we've been living at the farm for ten months}. I wish that we could say we finally have a baby on they way {after trying for over a year}, but God has a little different plan than we do. And, I wish I could tell you, after years of continually striving for peace and excellence, I have finally reached the summit.  However, I am still at the precipice looking at the mountain...
But I see IT!
I am mostly a glass is full kind of girl, but lately, I have been noticing the glass is looking a little empty...
How do you fill your happiness cup back up?
{Tips For A Full Cup}
1. Make a list of your blessings.
All of them. From the fact that your children have ten toes & can see, to the abilities God gave you to acquire happiness & success, to the sister who reminds you that God has a plan and you don't have to like it but you do have to accept it.
When you see the abundance you have in your life and show gratitude for it...
 little drops of happiness start filling up that cup.
This is "the cup filler" I am focusing most on. The more I focus on my blessings and showing gratitude for them the more blessings I have and get closer to summiting that mountain. 
A great resource that has helped me find abundance a time or two is the book
Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach
2.  Read anything from Deepak Chopra my guru of Goodness who speaks to the body, mind, spirit connection.
This is one of my personal favorites and a must read. For happiness & success.
3.  Play...Outside...With your family. 
Some of the greatest joy our family experiences is during farm hide and seek tag.  We all run, hide, laugh, and truly feel joy during this activity.  Each of us needs to have more child like fun in our lives...Find your kids, think of your favorite activity from childhood or that game you wished your parents would play and do this with your kids.
4. Do kind things with love intending happiness for others.
Send a quick text to someone you love, say yes to those who need help, donate something to a worthy cause.  Giving freely, with intent for it to create happiness for someone else creates a by-product of joy for you.
I am intending that each of you has the greatest of God's blessings, abundance, and peace and that you reach the summit of any mountain your climbing with a FULL glass...
of happiness.
J Steffl

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