Saturday, April 7

Thank You God For This {Beautiful} Life

Thank You God For This {Beautiful} Life
In preparation for Easter, we have prepared food for a farm-fabulous, family, feast.
We have filled eggs for the best...Easter Egg Hunt, yet.
The kitchen back-splash has been painted {good-bye mushroom tile}. 
The farm has been fabulously decorated for the festivities.
Thank you God for our blessings!
Most of all, thank you for the gift of your son on the cross.
We made egg vases from our duck eggs, & added some avian flair with bird nest decor and desert. 

An Easter Recipe Idea 
The Following treat is super simple & extremely decorative.
This { + } This
Enjoy Easter.
 Thank God for your blessings & remember what this day is really about...
The Gift of Christ.
Easter Blessings from the farm,
The Steffls

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