Tuesday, June 12

For The Love of Legacy


We have an affinity for beautiful, vintage items, especially when it come to decor and remodeling.
 Working with something that already exists and choosing to {RePurpose} rather than replace has become our {new to us} mantra. 
It is a European mindset and something Jamie acquired in her travels overseas.  
In European countries they live in hundred year old buildings where the craftsmanship of the original builders is appreciated and slightly altered for the new owner. Homes are usually passed down through families.  The use of old and new creates a beautifully eclectic mix of architecture, design, and decor. Here in Minnesota there is a similar tradition of homes being "transferred" through farm families.  We live on such a farm with a rich history surrounded by farm families who can name generations of their family members who have owned and worked the land around them...
We never considered replacing this home built slowly over the last hundred years by the Steffl family.  We laugh as we open drawers and find Brent's brother's name written in marker on the sides... a little Banksy?  
We would have loved more windows, a master bath and house placed facing a completely different location.  But, by {RePurposing} rooms we have created a very Modern Farmhouse, that truly uses that European mindset we talked about. 
This house, built by Brent's father is {OUR} connection to family, to history.  
It is our legacy.
And in keeping up that legacy, we need to purchase a light for the store front.  
We like LOVE goose neck barn & garage lighting.  We looked for some {authentic} lights but they sell in the upper $400.00. 
Being farm frugal, we started scouting online and fell in love with the one above in black...
Below is a picture of a this great light on a new home. To us it feels a little out of place...
We are going to give this light a granary...and it will be happy. Fitting right in!
The light below is from Pottery Barn.  
It is an indoor/outdoor light. 
This is an idea many designers use in lighting.  Also, an outdoor light is usually a better price than an indoor light. Go figure? 
We fell in love with the goose neck lines and the {contrast} of glass and metalglass.  This fixture also has the same finish as all of our knobs, door handles and barn door hardware used throughout our remodel. 
We placed our fixture above a piece of art in the {Master Bedroom}.  
We love this lamp and it has that similar, garage, goose neck feel like the one we are placing on
the... Barn Store front. 
We also intend to repeat its use on the exterior of the house when we redo the outside. 
GOOD design uses repetition!
Repetition creates unity, and for us that means a farm site that feels connected.  
So, whether were working in the shop, our store or the house everything will seamlessly feel {UNIFIED}
 For the exterior of our house???
 And in OUR HOME...
How have you used repetition to create {unity} in your home?  What is the legacy you are leaving behind?
Go {RePurpose} & repeat something,
The Steffls

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