Wednesday, June 13

A Few Farm Fabulous Finds

This week has been {super} productive.  
We have finished the stairs and deck in front of our granary store. We've painted the floor a beautiful white with our logo which you can read about here.  
{Blog post to follow on both soon.}
We made time for an auction Monday at Kerkhoff Auctioneering {link} 
in Redwood Falls, MN where we scored our favorite purchase yet...see below. 
We took the girls to this auction and we think they had a great time.  
Auctions as a family outing???
Check out our super duper purchase at the auction.  
found glass bottle dated 1931.  
{Why WE love this}
•Bottles like these were most likely used to store wine or sunflower oil. These are highly coveted by designers for their beautiful aqua/turquoise color.
•These bottles add a unique sculptural {form} and presence to any space.
•Any aged item adds a collected over time feel to a space...Good design never looks like a furniture grouping at a store.  It uses similar, coordination pieces that compliment each other and accessories like this that add that found look to a room. 
•This piece can be modern, vintage, country, urban, eclectic...It is a chameleon of great decor!
Pottery Barn {Link} sells these for anywhere from $99 for the small ones and $279 for the extra large ones. 
(Ours was purchased in a lot at the auction for way less.)
Here are some ideas we might try for decorating with ours via Pottery Barn...

 Jamie had a shopping day with her Mom where she found this for her collection.
 The Milkhouse candles arrived for the Store. We sure love the way they burn and smell!
 So, we are busy (partial reason for the low quality quick iPad pics).
The week is flying by and we are okay with that because we haven't seen our Leo for 12 long days and he will be coming home on Friday.  Also, Father's Day is right around the corner and I get to celebrate my farmer being the Greatest Dad to our blended family.
Find Something Fabulous...
Or, come to our shop in August, to buy something fabulous we have found, created, or sell.
The Steffls

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