Monday, June 18

The Perfect Drawer Pulls

 We found the perfect drawer pulls for Leo's Bedroom Furniture.
 We recently painted his furniture using ASCP & you can read about it here{link}.  
The Martha Stewart drawer pulls were found a visit to the Home Depot.These pulls are the perfect mix of vintage & modern and fit our modern farmhouse vibe perfectly.  Jamie fell in love and brought them home.
When we started to put them onto the dressers... 
We realized that they were 3 inch pulls and our drawers previously had three and a half inch pulls.  So, we used it as a learning experience for Leo and showed him how to use the drill.  
The boys had fun and in no time had the drawer pulls on the dresser and night stands. 
We think they look fabulous and fit his {vintage} Minnesota Twins baseball theme room perfectly!
The dust was flyin' on this project!
The boys had fun and Leo's room is completely finished & ready to be shared...
Once we {Jamie} makes the bed.
Happy {Belated} Father's Day to all of the great dads of this world from the Steffls. We are blessed to have {and have had} our own great dads.  Here are our two favorite photos of our dads.

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