Friday, June 15

The Best {Simple} Rhubarb Cake Ever

This is a super simple, delicious recipe that Jamie's mother has been making for many years.  

With our own big rhubarb patch at the farm & such a simple recipe we make & ENJOY this often!
1 white cake mix (prepared using only yolks recipe)
1 pint heavy cream
3 cups cut rhubarb
1 cup sugar
Prepare the cake mix as directed, pour into greased cake pan.
Sprinkle the 3 cups rhubarb evenly over the cake mix.
Sprinkle 1 cup of sugar over the rhubarb and cake mix.
Last, pour the entire pint of cream over the mix.
Bake at 375 until golden brown.  Let cool, refrigerate for an hour.
Enjoy the best custardy (apparently not a word) cake with a hint of tartness.  
We only make this once a month because our family can eat this whole cake in a day or two.  
It is farm fabulous food!
For some great recipes featuring this traditional farm faire visit:
This is a wonderful {SIMPLE} living blog from a blogger from the way up north {Canada}.
Aimee, the editor of Simple Bites, is an urban homesteader, and a jam maker...Sounds like we would get along well. {If you know how to make jam you are in our circle of trust.}
Check out her blog.
{Find} some rhubarb.
{Make} some cake...
And have a Fabulous Friday!
The Steffl's

Photo Credit: Rhubarb Image


Janeen Steffen said...

I went straight to my garden to pick rhubarb, and the cake is currently baking. Hooray for a new recipe!

Jamie Steffl said...

Janeen you are in for a treat. It is creamy deliciousness. You'll have to post back what you think. I take this to every summer potluck and there is never any left and the recipe is always asked for. Blessings from the Steffl farm.

Janeen Steffen said...

Jamie, it was such a great cake that I shared the recipe with my dad & he also baked one. We both give it our full approval. Thanks!