Sunday, June 3

Transformations At The Farm

One of life's greatest glories is watching something transform.  
We watch our children from infancy throughout childhood and experience much joy, as they reach life's milestones, and transform into their own individuals. The farmer watches, as his seeds are planted, and begin to transform into the fields he will harvest this fall. We watch this farm site as it transforms into a business, and our home. Knowing WE are responsible for these transformations makes it all the more rewarding.
What transformations have you made in your life?  
Have you raised a beautiful, healthy family? If you have, pat yourself on the back. Family is the greatest gift we are ever given. Parenthood is the career most responsible for transforming lives- both your own and your children's.  Maybe you have transformed a room with paint, and decor?  Maybe your transformation has been through living life more healthily.
Sometimes we can't always see transformation, but that doesn't mean it is not happening.  
We planted our vine garden a couple of weeks ago and many of the seeds weren't coming up.  I was a little hesitant and asked the farmer if he thought we should replant some of our garden. He said, "Just be patient...they will come up."  I trusted his knowledge.  A week later, after some great rain, the seeds have begun to transform in to the pumpkins, cucumbers, and gourds we planted.  We couldn't see the seeds germinating, but that didn't mean that they weren't.  Transformation takes time, faith, hard work... And BELIEF.  Belief that things have the potential to change.  
We are all like those seeds in the ground waiting to turn into something bigger, wanting to GROW. Needing to transform into what we are meant to be. Waiting, for someone to believe that we have potential to make a transformation.
What are you waiting to transform?  
Your health? Your home? Your life?  I believe that you have the potential to do it.  You just have to start. 
{Currently We Are Transforming} 
~The granary into the...Barn Store.
{blog post to follow soon so you can see our transformation} 
~Many {vintage} items into great home decor.
~The baby farm kittens into decent farm pets.
This is "crabby" Pearl (she has much transforming to do) and below is Stripes.
Ourselves, as we are always working towards better health,  and a closer relationship with our family & God.


Nicole Ringgold said...

I love old, rusty things. The milk jug and mailbox are fantastic. They're unique pieces of art by themselves.

Jamie Steffl said...

We love a little patina on everything. I agree that these are stand alone art pieces that have been created by the artist time. I have enjoyed reading your blog and live in art as do you. Blessings from the farm,
The Steffls