Friday, June 1

Moss...{Simple, Green, Decor}

I've been seeing moss decor everywhere lately...
In garden stores...
magazine ads...
& the wonderful world of Pinterest.
So, we've decided to share with you how you can simply, 
"green-up" your space and achieve this designer look for less.
{Supplies Needed}
~A vase or urn that you love
~Floral forms in any shape {circles work best}
~Green mosses
~Floral Moss
~Adhesive of choice
We chose this lovely urn that we picked up from a garage sale.  
It is very Tuscan in style and would fit in nicely in both modern and rustic decor.
We began this project by using two floral square forms attached to each other.
We then applied floral moss by spraying the floral forms and squishing the floral moss onto the forms.
Next, we began applying the real moss over the top of the floral moss with the adhesive, as seen in the photo above.
Finally, we covered the entire form and squished it into a circle.
 {Why We Love This}
This urn adds a fun {textural} quality to any room.
Creating or purchasing a moss inspired decorative item is a great way to add green & life to a room... without adding a live plant that you have to take care of.
The natural qualities of dried moss add an organic touch to any space.
Check out this  
from Lindsey at the Living With Lindsey Blog:
Her decor turned out looking like this.
We think it's {SWELL}
{Find} some moss.
{Alter} a vase or urn.
{RePurpose} something green. 
{Make} moss decor.
The Steffls

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