Thursday, July 12

A Sneak Peak

We often wonder how we get everything done in the fall when the artist is teaching and the farmer is harvesting?  In our "relaxed" summer days the To~do list seems never~ending and with each day the list seems to get larger instead of smaller.  
The barn doors are in need of desperate repair, the gardens and yard need continual tending. There is swimming lessons, library visits and sleepovers for the children.  Soon, there will be our garden harvest with cooking & canning in the kitchen.  The shop will open early August then...
Life will slow down with back to school.  
Isn't it ironic that we have to go back to full time jobs for life to SLOW down?
~~~ ANYWAY~~~
Here is our farm kitten Pearl with a 
"Sneak Peak" 
of items in the...Barn Store.
Our Milkhouse Creamery Candle Co. 
display is set up & the shop smells so yummy!
 ~~~Loved the reflection of how great the outside of the shop is looking too!~~~
We have many summer & early fall inspired florals, arrangements & gifts for the Summer Sale.
We have found and created many beautiful bird houses and garden/patio items.

The Steflls

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