Saturday, October 6

To Everything...Turn...Turn.

Seasonal Decor via the...Barn Store
Fall is one of the busiest seasons on most farms.  
 It is doubly so on the Steffl farm as the artist returns to teaching, and the children return to school and participation in a multitude of activities accompanied by a 20 mile round trip to and fro. 
This is our busy season, but it is still our favorite. 
With fall comes cooler weather, the bounty of the harvest...
and the best opportunity for seasonal decorating!   
It may appear we have taken a hiatus from the blog; but we have been working on honoring our "busy" season, our harvest and our family....
We had Tony Miller of Miller Photography photograph our family here at the farm.  Not only did he take amazing shots, but also, he provided entertainmnt as well.
The fields are now harvested...and finally the farmer gets to eat a meal at the table instead of in the combine. 
The...Barn Store has had two very successful sales and we are looking forward to the last one of the year later this month.   
We have welcomed home a new puppy & Saddie is becoming a wonderful "member" of the family. 
To everything there is a season... 
and we hope you enjoy & honor them all!
The Steffls

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Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Love the family photo. I know how busy fall is for farmers. My brother and parents still grain farm (along with raising pure bred Red Angus) and it's crazy busy for them, especially in September. Some of my fondest memories are of packing up supper and taking it out to the field, where everyone would stop to enjoy a meal, often sitting on tailgates or in the stubble. Good luck with your last sale!