Tuesday, November 13


How are you creative?  
Now, I know what you are thinking... 
Me, Creative? 
I don't have a creative bone in my body.  Well guess what neither do I.  
What I do have is need to make my spaces, your space, my students world, and my families lives more beautiful.  Guess what, so do you.  We all add beauty to this world in different ways with different gifts.  My tools are art & design.  The farmers are tractors and seeds.  Yours might be baking the most delicious goods for family and friends. 
The point is we each have a gift, something we enjoy that adds beauty to our lives and the lives of others. 
This is creativity. 
Enjoyable, simple, purposeful, and we all possess it. 
We are all creative beings, with a need to place our mark on this world, with the gifts we have been given.  
So weather you dance, or bake, or paint...
Do a little more of it 


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Shauna you inspire creativity! Thanks for the posts!