Tuesday, May 22

Easy DIY Letters

 We recently pinned an inspiration image of letters that spelled out ROME made from maps via Shauna Oberg. {Check It Out HERE} 
Loving travel and fun, {DIY} decor, projects we had to make some of our own for {the girls room}.
We already had letters that spelled out both of the girls names so we decided to use theirs for this project. Plus, the girls already had my globe collection decorating their room, so, these letters fit the overall {theme} nicely when finished.
{The Steps}
1.  Find an old atlas book, city maps from your favorite destinations, or any paper item that suits your fancy.
2.  Purchase {painted} wooden letters.

3. Get a scissors, The stickiest glue you can find.
{I used Super Spray Adhesive from 3M-Great Sticky Stuff!}
 We love a good deal! Check out our clearance price adhesive purchased for $1.38.
4. Spray the letters...and adhere to your chosen paper.
5. Stack your heaviest books on top of them as they dry.  
{Art teachers have many heavy books, you could use weights too.}
{I suggest the letters dry for at least 24 hours with weight on top.}
6. Trim excess paper & sand the edges.
Enjoy your one of a kind art letters!
Maps make great framed art too!
{Find} something...
{Alter} it.
{RePurpose} objects.
{Make} your world fabulous! 


Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Love them, Jamie! I saw something like these on Pinterest a while back and thought they'd add a nice touch to any room with their random pattern and variety of color.

Jamie Steffl said...

Thanks, Shauna. I pinned it from you and fell in love. They are so "teachery" & great for design with their varied bright colors, and graphic qualities. Have a great Thursday! Blessings from the farm,
The Steffls