Monday, May 28

Happy Memorial Day

 Today we say
 to all the men and women who have served our country 
in any capacity, especially during conflict.

We are proud to live in this country and celebrate the freedoms, democracy, and liberty being an American provides.  We know that these things have not come without the ultimate price.  It is with the utmost appreciation and respect that we say thanks to those who have served our country during times of conflict. We are patriotic people and have veterans on both sides of our family.   Jamie's Grandfather Clarence Thorston Sr. served our country during WWI, earning a purple heart.  Brent's Great Grandfather, Axel Christopherson, also fought in WWI. 
Both of our fathers served in the Army National Gaurd and attended basic training together. 
{It is a very small world.}
Jamie's nephew, Sheldon Brakke has actively served our country in the Marines for the last four years. Jamie's twin sister Jennifer, is an active member of the Army National Guard Nurse Corp.
God Bless all who serve, and have served our country for the greater good of humanity!

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