Thursday, June 14

Farming is {Cut Throat}

Today in the mail we received a postcard {as did everyone in our area and surrounding communities} asking LAND OWNERS if they are getting paid the rent they deserve? 
Stating that land rent bids are being placed for 2013 by the post card sender's family.  
According to the postcard, "These farmers are looking to expand and to start young sons farming." 
The mailer shares that these farmers are Christian...What farmer isn't?
What farmer isn't looking to expand?
 We sure are!
We may just have to make our own mailer, offering higher rental prices than the ones printed on the postcard we received?  
You know any farmers renting land are thinking... maybe I should make one of these too?
Meaning, we will all be seeing more of these little postcards in the mailbox over the next couple of months. Inversely, land owners will have some nice options for renters and rental agreements. 
Great way to help drive up land prices 
to help out your "young" farmers?
My dear friend's father recently left farming due to his health.  My friend shared with me, in a recent conversation, that "renting farm land is cut throat." He shared that he had people friend-ing him on facebook to get his parents phone numbers to talk to them about rental of their land.  Seriously? A man is ill and you are seeing dollar signs? 
Hopefully, it wasn't the same Christian family as above.  
That is the way it is in {rental} farming and this is the way it always will be...
Makes us think...
Is it ever enough?
We understand that farming is a wonderful lifestyle and a career historically passed down through {most} families.  Why wouldn't you want your family to work in a career that affords such freedom and financial stability?  The only thing is... for young farmers {like us}, there really isn't stability. There are "cut throat neighbors" everywhere and why wouldn't there be? 
Farming is {family} business.
May God provide you with everything you need to do what you love... and share it with your families.
 The Steffls

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