Friday, July 20

Finally ~ Wardrobe/Closets!

When we turned a formal living room into a Master Bedroom there was only one little problem...
Former linen/storage closets on the right.
No closets? Kind of a nightmare, if you have a passion for fashion, and penchant for shoes.  
Our previous home had a fourteen foot closet {which was full}. 

We knew as we designed this space that  the two linen/storage closets around the corner from the Master wouldn't be enough clothing storage.

We designed two behemoth wardrobes to act as closets in the bedroom.  
We decided we would flank the windows to add some symmetry to this space.  The placement of these furniture pieces allow for our future plans of adding french doors where the window currently resides, and allows these two pieces to become built-ins.  
{We think they will frame french doors nicely!}  
For now, they frame our slightly asymmetrical window. Rather than trying to hide this little difference, we added to the asymmetry by placing a great  
stool next to our antique library table right in the middle of the two wardrobes.
On the top of the pieces we added two large Longaberger baskets from our collection.  These baskets have a very similar stain to our doors which draws your eye into the room and up to the ceiling adding a sense of unity and interest to the top of the wardrobes. 
When we designed these we went a little large at 6' x 3' x 2.5'.  When we placed them we were'nt so sure we loved the depth & we still aren't  this was the artist's little designer faux pas.  
However, with any design problem there is always a solution...
 When we replace the window below with french doors this will become a built-in and shorten the depth of the wardrobe to around 2'.  
The only big rebuild will be the bottom drawer whose depth we have fallen in love with because we can fit so much inside it.
These large white free standing furniture pieces help to balance the painted brick fireplace on the opposite wall.  To keep the design simple & unified we used the same shaker style doors as our entry/closet doors.  We used the same crown moulding in our home as our cornices and the same baseboard trim as our kick plate trim.
 Now that we both have closets that fit all of our wardrobe upstairs (Yippee)...
The only thing left to do in this Bedroom {for now} is find the perfect hardware. We are leaning towards these lovely antique glass knobs, found at a thrift store on a shamble of a desk for ONE DOLLAR!

             What do you think????
Happy Friday,
The Steffls

Wardrobes built by Dane Pederson, Willmar, MN.

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